Agile Leadership

Course Overview

Agile teams maximise value to their customers and users through regularly and frequently delivering valuable, high quality product features. Agile teams build a regular cadence of delivery in short time frames, typically between 1 and 4 weeks for each new product increment.

To successfully deliver high quality product increments in a consistent and repeatable way, teams need support from other parts of their organisation. The use of agile practices means the type of support needed is different - and the rest of the organisation needs to evolve to maximise the success of teams.

This course provides experimental learning through the use of stimulating, hands-on practical exercises and in-depth discussions. The key focus of the course is highlighting the management and leadership practises that best enable agile teams to produce high quality products. On completing the course, attendees will know how to create an environment in which agile teams can thrive.

Who Should Attend

The Agile for Managers training course will benefit executives and managers in organisations that are adopting or using an agile framework for development. The course will also benefit anyone who is going to be helping an organisation transition to using agile practises.


The course will take a day to complete, and attendees are required to bring a laptop or other internet capable device. Internet access will be provided by the training venue.

Course Content

  • Overview of Agile Frameworks
  • Why Agile?
  • Scaling Agile
  • Agile Programme and Portfolio Management
  • Recruitment for Agile Teams
  • Recognition and Reward Structures
    • Team Performance
    • Individual Performance
    • Setting Objectives
    • Performance Reviews
  • Team Spaces and Office Organisation
  • Working with Distributed Teams
  • Contracting Models for Agile Development

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