Our coaches all have extensive real world experience of implementing Scrum and other agile frameworks in numerous organisations ranging from small start ups to Fortune 25 companies. Working directly as part of your team they will use their extensive experience to help your team maximise the benefits of using agile frameworks.

Our coaches can take a specific role within your team such as ScrumMaster, Product Owner or Developer and can work with your team members so that they can take over this role in the shortest time frame possible. They can also coach specific software engineering practices such as Test Driven Development, Emergent Architecture and Design, Pair Programming or Continuous Integration.

Our coaches don't just work with your teams though, as we recognise that teams don't exist in a bubble but are just one part of a larger and more complex organisation. Other parts of the organisation must interact with the teams in order to truly maximise value and so we also coach across the entire organisation, including stakeholders, management and even the executives. We provide this holistic organisation coaching in order to fully maximise the benefits of working smarter in order to create the most value possible.

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