Wether you are new to agile working or have already started using agile methods, we provide a range of courses that will enable you and your organisation to maximise the benefits of using agile working to increase the value to your customers and users as well as to your organisation.

By taking one of our Scrum courses you will not only understand how to use Scrum but you will also understand the psychology and neuro-science that makes Scrum work so well when practitioners truly understand how and why Scrum works as well as how it works.

Whether you are, or are going to be, a ScrumMaster, Product Owner or Developer, we have a course for you in which you will learn practical techniques for both introducing Scrum and enhancing the benefits of using Scrum.  You will learn practical and pragmatic techniques that our trainers have used in many organisations over a number of years.  And by taking one of our courses, you can also achieve global recognition for your new knowledge by completing one of certifications offered by Scrum Alliance, the leading, global provider of agile certifications - through which you can join a global community of Scrum practitioners numbering over 400,000 people in more than 46 countries.

Our training is not just theoretical but is based on many years experience gained using Scrum in the real world and in conjunction with other agile and lean techniques including eXtreme Programming and Kanban.

And our training is not just about the Scrum teams.  We also offer training for executives and managers in agile organisations to enable them to ensure that their agile teams deliver maximum benefits through enabling agile practices and techniques across the organisation.

Take your skills to the next level with one of our public courses or contact us if you would like to discuss a private training course.