Software development is complex - requirements are never fully understood at the beginning and the world is constantly changing. In this volatile environment businesses need the ability to adapt quickly to the changes that are happening around them if they are to maximise the value of the software they build. Agile practices andtechniques enable businesses to adapt quickly to the changing needs of their customers and ensures that there is a constant focus on value. At Project Success, we believe in the early and frequent release of value to maximise return on investment.

The last decade has seen increasingly rapid uptake in the use of agile software development and project management techniques. Techniques that enable frequent releases, close collaboration with the customer, and less bureacracy than more traditional 'waterfall' methods. These agile frameworks have been shown to significantly increase the success of software development, realising return on investment earlier than in traditional methods. Project Success has been a proponent of agile software delivery since its formation and has helped many organisations to become agile and significantly improve value throughout the lifecycle of software products.  And we don't stop at software.  Project Success has worked with clients to help them become agile in defining clinical care pathways and the development of higher education courses.

A typical daily scrum meeting

At Project Success, we believe that the only true measure of our success is the value we add to our clients. This is why we apply our knowledge and experience of agile methods to ensure that our clients' exceed their objectives.