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We have helped people like you achieve remarkable success.  One of our clients reduced the number of IT production incidents that their users' were encountering by over 90% in only 6 months.  This meant that their software development teams could concentrate on introducing new features for their users, significantly increasing the value of their software development teams to the organisation, their customers and users.

We have also helped organisations introduce new IT systems in very short timescales - weeks rather than months or years.  One such client we helped launch a new IT system in only 4 weeks, and in a highly secure and regulated environment, enabling a new line of business that was worth over £1M each year.

We do this by helping people use Scrum, a lightweight agile framework for learning.  Used properly, Scrum provides a set of activities that create validated learning about the value of the work being done by a team and also how the work is being done.  The learning can then be used to eliminate the waste of undertaking low value work, allowing everyone to focus on the most important and valuable work at the current time.  Scrum also helps the team and the organisation to improve their processes to make teams more effective in doing the work.

Scrum isn't prescriptive about what work is done or how it is done.  Every organisation, team and person is unique and learning enabled by Scrum must be taken within this unique context, recognising that it is impossible to have a "one size fits all" approach.

Our training (available as both public and private courses), coaching and consultancy help people, teams and organisations get the most benefit from using Scrum within their own unique context.

Meet Our Team

Meet our dynamic team of professional value enhancers.

Iain McKenna

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Iain has immense experience in applying, coaching and training Scrum along with other agile and lean techniques including XP and Kanban.

Abid Quereshi

Abid is an accomplished Certified Enterprise Coach and is our trainer for the Certified Scrum Developer technical track.


Max is our CBO (Chief Barking Officer), who can often be heard in the background when you are talking to us on the phone.

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