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What We Do

Developing high quality products is complicated. Requirements are never fully understood at the beginning, and are prone to change. In this volatile and complex environment businesses need the ability to adapt quickly - allowing them to maximise the value of their products. Agile techniques allow businesses to adapt quickly, while ensuring a constant focus on value.

The last decade has seen an increasingly rapid uptake of agile development and project management techniques. These enable frequent release, close collaboration with the customer and more transparency than traditional methods - leading to an earlier return on investments.

Project Success has been a proponent of agile practises and techniques since it's formation in 2003, and has helped many organisations to become agile. And we don't just have experience of using agile methods for software development, having also worked with clients to define clinical care pathways, develop higher education courses and develop breathing aparatus for fire fighters.

We believe that the only true measure of our success is the value we add to our clients. This is why we apply our knowledge and experience of agile practises to ensure our clients' exceed their objectives.

Our Services

As a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider, we offer a number of courses to help people and businesses learn how to use Scrum and other agile frameworks. These courses help people to successfully adopt agile, enabling teams to maximise the benefits of these techniques.

Using the latest experiental learning techniques, we create a vibrant learning environment with clear goals. This ensures that after taking one of our courses, you learned the theory and had the chance to apply it in a series of practical exercises.

Our trainers and coaches are all highly experienced practitioners - with strong, demonstrable track records of applying what they teach in the real world. You can be sure that what we teach is backed up with real world, practical examples of how to use the practises taught.

We offer both public and private training courses. Our public course schedule can be found on our "Upcoming Courses" page. If you would like to know more about our private training courses or our coaching, please send us details of your requirements through our Contact page.

Meet Our Team

Meet our dynamic team of professional value enhancers.

Iain McKenna

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Iain has immense experience in applying, coaching and training Scrum along with other agile and lean techniques including XP and Kanban.

Iain is an experienced trainer, coach and practitioner who has successfully used Scrum together with other agile and lean frameworks over a number of years both in project recovery and greenfield projects.  Iain has also been extremely successful in helping many organisations adopt or improve their use of Scrum including United Health, BBC, Cisco and BSkyB.

Having worked with IT for over 30 years, Iain has a wealth of experience ranging from operations, analysis, testing, software engineering, project and programme mamagement through to IT Leadership.  Iain has also been a customer and user of many software products over the years. This breadth of experience helps Iain to work with teams to build high quality products that meet the needs of all stakeholders, often exceeding expectations through innovation and focus on value and eliminating waste.

Abid Quereshi

Abid is an accomplished Certified Enterprise Coach and is our trainer for the Certified Scrum Developer technical track.

Helping companies realise business goals through software for over 12 years. Full life-cycle experience: team-building, requirements analysis, planning, software and process engineering, architecture and integration with legacy enterprise systems.

Abid incorporates lean and problem-centric approaches, addressing immediate business needs and overall technology vision. He is dedicated to continuous improvement has a keen interest in eliminating waste throughout the software development lifecycle.

Abid's breadth of experience enables him to relate to a wide range of business and IT professionals.


Max is our CBO (Chief Barking Officer), who can often be heard in the background when you are talking to us on the phone.

Max is a standard Schnauzer - a robust breed of dog that dates back to the 15th century and was the basis for later breeding of the Miniature Schnauzer and the Giant Schnauzer.  Schnauzers are intelligent and very loyal working dogs with a distinct personality.  Because of this, Max fits very neatly into our organisation as these are characteristics that we display and value.